I have a history of anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma, sexual violence, or other mental health issues – how would a postpartum doula help me?

Mental health challenges can be difficult to manage during a vulnerable time like birth and early parenting. As much holistic, professional and loving support as you can get will make a massive difference. As a social worker and counsellor I understand how vital good support is for women and families who have experienced trauma, and I hope you will reach out and find support that is best for you.


I have lots of family around me so what could a postpartum doula do for me?

Family support is amazing if you have it. But our mainstream culture doesn’t really do postpartum very well. For example lots of people think that holding your baby for you is helpful, when what you really might need is someone to help feed you, or give you a massage so you feel more loved and less stressed (or at the least do some washing!) and leave you to get to know your new baby.


I have a private midwife or lactation consultant so do I really need a postnatal doula?

Private midwives and lactation consultants are amazing and a vital support in those first few weeks with your new baby. What I offer as a postnatal doula can complement the care from your midwife or lactation consultant as they are mainly focused on your and your baby’s physical health and medical needs. As your postnatal doula I can support you with the massive emotional, psychological and relationship changes you’re going through, and in doing so you’ll feel less stressed and overwhelmed during this time. This has a positive impact on breastfeeding too!


My birth was quite challenging or traumatic or I had a caesarean birth, how can a postnatal doula help support me?

After a difficult birth or a surgical birth the need for extra emotional and practical help is vital. Your postpartum needs are even higher than usual and you literally cannot do it all on your own when you are recovering from a physically and/or mentally challenging birth experience.


My birth was a breeze so do I really need extra help after the birth?

Smooth births are such a blessing! If this is your first baby though then you still have a steep learning curve ahead with breastfeeding, newborn settling, etc. And the postpartum time is still a vulnerable time for women as you are physically and mentally transforming into a new mother. If you have older children, then you probably already know how much some nurturing meals and massage could make a big difference in those first few weeks after birth!


What if I don’t like the food options offered in the Postnatal Doula packages – can I change these?

I can work around food allergies and sensitivities, however the recipes I use are specifically chosen due to their warming, easily digestible qualities for postpartum mothers.


Can you make other meals for the rest of the family (toddlers, older children etc)?

I can increase the quantity of the meals provided at an additional charge, however currently I only cook the meals on the menu provided, but this may change in the future!


What is your cancellation policy?

Due to the time intensive nature of the planning and cooking for postnatal sessions I can postpone sessions with 24 hours notice, however cancellations on the day of the booking will not be refunded unless there are extenuating circumstances.


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