I hold space for women & mothers to transform challenges and heal trauma – because I know healing and change is possible

You deserve support

Reaching out for support and sharing your story is a vulnerable process.

When we take steps to take care of ourselves, our children, family and community can benefit from our healing.

My belief is that we are the experts in our own lives, and that moving through challenges works best when we feel safe, non-judged, and deeply listened to.

When we reach out for support, we want to meet with someone who "gets it" and will approach us as a whole person, not just a set of symptoms.

What to expect in a counselling session 


  • Meeting you "wherever you're at" in your life journey
  • Non-judgemental, warm, respectful approach
  • Respect for your sexuality and gender identity
  • Respect for your beliefs, values and spiritual/religious background
  • Trauma-informed and intersectional feminist framework
  • Working with you as a whole person
  • Creative and somatic (body-based) ways of healing and reconnecting with the body
  • Respect for your confidentiality and privacy
  • Support to access resources in the community
  • Support to build your own coping skills and solutions


  • Healing after sexual violence (childhood sexual abuse, intimate partner violence, domestic violence)
  • Complex trauma (childhood abuse, neglect, attachment issues)
  • Sexuality and intimacy 
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Perinatal mental health concerns 
  • Parenting
  • Traumatic pregnancy / birth / postnatal experience 
  • Fertility issues
  • Grief and loss
  • Relationship issues
  • Life transitions (particularly menstruation, birth, menopause)
  • Spirituality, spiritual development, spiritual ‘awakenings’
  • Altered states of consciousness 
  • Preparation and integration of psychedelic medicines
  • Embodiment and somatic approaches to healing
  • Mindfulness, meditation, yoga and shamanic practices
Tuesday's at It Takes a Village Midwifery

Hi there, I'm Anne

Thanks for stopping by this little corner of the internet - Earth & Womb. 

This is where I share my counselling services and other offerings that support holistic health and healing. 

I'm passionate about how we integrate and recover from trauma and mental health challenges particularly with healing approaches that centre holism and the transpersonal. 

Earth & Womb Offerings

Pregnancy Counselling

I support pregnant women and expecting parents to make the pregnancy and postpartum transition with as much ease and joy as possible. Prenatal counselling sessions meet you wherever you’re at emotionally, and can include a focus such as: help to reduce fears or concerns about birth; debriefing a previous difficult birth or postpartum; feeling unsure about your pregnancy options. 

Postnatal Counselling

I support new mothers and parents to feel confident and connected to their baby and their intuition, and to explore ways to make their postpartum as joyful as possible.

Sessions often focus on: identity changes and adjusting to being a parent, relationship challenges, coping with stress and anxiety in the postnatal period, or coping after a difficult or traumatic birth. 

Holistic, Trauma-Informed Counselling For Women

I support women to overcome challenges and struggles to live a more joyful and meaningful life. This includes support to manage and heal anxiety or depression. I also work with survivors of childhood or adult abuse or trauma (including sexual violence and domestic violence). If you're searching for  a body-mind approach to recovering from trauma then please reach out. 

Handmade Ceramics & Art

For small batch, handmade, ancient feminine inspired ceramics and sculptures please see my Earth & Womb Art Insta page or go straight to my new Etsy shop! 

Mentoring & Professional Supervision

Are you a doula or midwife starting out? Or a seasoned doula, birth worker or midwife looking for safe space to be held and heard to debrief this intense and amazing work? Are you a social worker or counsellor who works with families in the perinatal period and would like professional  supervision? You deserve support too. 

Growing Your Village

I co-facilitate a women's circle at It Takes A Village Midwifery centre in Kenmore, Brisbane. The Red Thread Sisterhood women's circle is an intentional space for folks looking to be held and heard and to grow their village. 

Counselling & Therapy For Women

Supporting women and mothers to feel more held, heard and healed so you can live with more joy and self-love.

In-person sessions available at It Takes A Village Midwifery centre, Kenmore (Brisbane, Queensland).

Online Sessions Available
Online (zoom or phone) sessions now available. 

Currently accepting a limited number of new clients. Please reach out if you'd like a quick call to discuss how we could work together.

Why Work With Anne

15 Years of Experience

I have been supporting women and families for many years as a social worker, counsellor,  doula and childbirth educator in Brisbane and Canberra, Australia. Walking alongside women whilst they navigate epic transitions, heal after trauma, or undergo transformation is my life's passion.

Holistic Pregnancy & Postnatal Care

Often during pregnancy we can feel like everything is about being tested, scanned, and measured without enough focus on how massive this time is for all the other aspects of our lives. I provide emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual support to fill the gap that remains for many mothers. 

Professional Services

As a qualified counsellor and accredited social worker I provide a professional, heart-centred,  evidence-based and trauma-informed approach to therapy and perinatal support. I also provide mentoring and coaching for social workers, doulas and birth workers. 

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I wish to pay my respect to the Turrbal and Jagera people, the First Peoples with an ongoing connection to the land I call home in Meanjin (Brisbane). Always was, Always will be Aboriginal Land.