Hi there, I'm Anne

Thanks for stopping by this little corner of the internet - Earth & Womb. 

This is where I share my counselling services and other offerings that support holistic health and healing.

I'm passionate about how we integrate and recover from trauma and mental health challenges particularly with healing approaches that centre holism and the transpersonal. 

As a professional social worker for the past 15 years I’ve worked primarily with women and mothers during their healing and recovery from trauma. This has included supporting women in their recovery from childhood sexual abuse; domestic and sexual violence; childhood developmental trauma and attachment issues; pregnancy/ birth/ postnatal trauma; and perinatal depression and anxiety. I also work with those looking to recover from and manage generalised anxiety and depression.

My approach to counselling and therapy is shaped by an array of social work and psychological modalities and theories for healing. These include, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and mindfulness based cognitive behavioural approaches; anti-oppressive, feminist and anti-racist theories; and polyvagal theory and somatic, trauma-informed approaches to psychotherapy.    

My counselling approach is also informed by holistic frameworks of healing that centre the transpersonal and spiritual aspects of life. I have a particular interest in, reclaiming traditional women’s knowledge and wisdom; traditional womb healing practices; reclaiming women’s rites of passage (menstruation/ pregnancy/ birth/ mothering/ menopause); feminine/ Earth-based spirituality (shamanism/animism/Indigenous frameworks); traditional folk herbal medicine; plant medicine (including psychedelic medicines); the healing potential of altered states of consciousness; yoga; astrology and ancestor reverence practices.

My personal framework is that there are many and varied pathways to healing and we each deserve to find the one that aligns for us. As a therapist it’s always an honour to get to walk alongside someone for part of their journey.  

Ultimately the goal is for greater self-love and integration of the fragmented aspects of the self. When we do this we step more fully into our wholeness.

Are you wanting support to heal and live a more joyful life?

Please reach out, you deserve support too.

In Solidarity,


Why Work With Anne

15 Years of Experience

I have been supporting women and families for many years as a social worker, counsellor,  doula and childbirth educator in Brisbane and Canberra, Australia. Walking alongside women whilst they navigate epic transitions, heal after trauma, or undergo transformation is my life's passion.

Holistic Pregnancy & Postnatal Care

Often during pregnancy we can feel like everything is about being tested, scanned, and measured without enough focus on how massive this time is for all the other aspects of our lives. I provide emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual support to fill the gap that remains for many mothers. 

Professional Services

As a qualified counsellor and accredited social worker I provide a professional, heart-centred,  evidence-based and trauma-informed approach to therapy and perinatal support. I also provide mentoring and coaching for social workers, doulas and birth workers. 

Professional Qualifications & Training

I hold a degree in Social Work from the University of Queensland (UQ) completed in 2006. 

I have been practicing as a doula since 2011 and trained with the Australian Doula College

I have undertaken advanced childbirth education training with Birthing From Within.

I am a student of the women’s mysteries and how to honour and reclaim women’s rites of passage. I completed the Eight Seasons Journey with the School of Shamanic Womancraft (2018).

For more about my professional experience working as a social worker and counsellor in the community sector please see here.

You can view my Australian Association of Social Workers listing here or my Psychology Today therapist listing here.


Blueknot Complex Trauma Training – Three Phased Approach: Safety and Stabilisation – 2022

Working With Dissociation Training – Dr Catherine Hynes – 2021

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Training – 2020

Birth Trauma Skills Workshop – Amanda Donnet & Rachel Bushing 2020

Newborn Mothers Postpartum Professional Training 2019

Janina Fisher, Transforming Trauma-related Resistance and Stuckness training, 2019

Creative Ways of Making Space for the Baby, Part 1 & 2 – Jenny Blyth of Birthwork

Perinatal Non-Directive Counselling Training – Australian Psychological Society

Birth Story Listening Course: “Understanding the causes and solutions for emotional birth trauma” – Pam England, Birthing From Within

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Adolescence – Russ Harris

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Two day Advanced Workshop – Russ Harris

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Two day Introductory Workshop – Russ Harris

Strengths Approach to Counselling and Therapy – Lighthouse Training

Sexual Health and Young People – Family Planning Queensland

Indigenous Cultural Awareness Training – Grant Sara

Supporting Survivors of Sexual Assault from a Feminist Perspective – Brisbane Rape and Incest Survivors Support Centre (BRISSC)

Applied Suicide Intervention Training – Living Works

Supporting Women with an Eating Issue from a Feminist Perspective – Eating Disorders Queensland

Complex Trauma in Childhood – Dr Jenny Gilmore

Spiritual Perspectives for Welfare Professionals – Dr Jenny Gilmore