Healing After Birth

Are you a brand new mum trying to make sense of your recent birth experience?

Maybe your baby is much older now – possibly even an adult! Either way, time itself may not dampen the intensity of painful feelings after going through a challenging birth.

I’m so sorry if you had a difficult birth experience.

Please know that you’re not alone, and healing is possible.

Support In The Fourth Trimester & Beyond

It’s pretty common for pregnant couples to have blinkers on about what comes after the birth, especially first time parents. But I think once you’ve gone through that early newborn phase at least once you’d agree that having as much support on hand is a good idea!

Accessing postnatal support is not an extra.
It’s actually often a necessity. 

If your experience of birth left you feeling shocked, overwhelmed or traumatised then postnatal support is even more vital.  

Getting postnatal support means newborn babies and the whole newborn family are encouraged to bond and build a loving relationship together which ensures newborn babies thrive.

Whether it’s your first or fourth baby, it’s not normal to be struggling alone during this vulnerable time.

Do You Need Postnatal Support?

Stress is the sad reality for many new parents. 1 in 5 mothers are experiencing depression during their pregnancy or up to their baby turns two years old.[1]

45.5% of women giving birth in Australia are likely to report childbearing as traumatic.[2]

Suicide is one of the leading causes of maternal death for mothers in Australia.[3]

It’s clear that many women need and deserve better support during this transition of becoming a parent. It doesn’t need to be this way!

A postnatal doula or counsellor can help bridge the gaps in your care by being there to help nourish and care for YOU, so you are better able to care for your new baby.

It’s common sense. It’s simple. It’s ancient wisdom. And doulas are reclaiming it and bringing it back!


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