Pregnancy Services

Are you pregnant and feeling worried about your birth and what comes after?

Pregnancy can be such a precious and tumultuous time – but it can feel less stressful with good support.

Brisbane Doula +Perinatal Counselling

As a doula with a professional background in social work and counselling, I help pregnant women and new mothers in Brisbane feel more confident, supported, and less stressed about this big journey of welcoming a new baby.

Childbirth Education

Planning a natural birth? Or planning for all the pain relief or a cesarean birth?

Get childbirth education that will really prepare you to meet the unknown however you’re hoping to birth.

Pregnancy Counselling

Do you feel anxious or worried about your upcoming birth or caring for your newborn baby?

Thought about seeing a counsellor but that feels scary or like too much effort?

Want to have a session with a counsellor who gets it, and can walk alongside you to find the best way forward?

Belly Art + Henna

Want to celebrate your blooming belly with belly henna or belly painting and photography?


“She was my rock. Anne was there without being obviously present. Her support was complete and gave me strength. I don’t know what I would have done without her!

Anne, our doula … was instrumental in Lily’s birth being drug and intervention free and an amazing and positive experience. It’s lovely to continue our connection with this wonderful woman and have her in our lives. Xo”

Georgina Hooper

2015, RBWH Birth Centre

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