Postnatal Doula

Are you a first time parent and wondering how you will manage after your baby arrives?

Do you have older children, and know from last time how difficult those first few weeks can be?

Want to feel more supported, nurtured and calm during those precious first weeks with your newborn?

Support + Nourishment in the Postnatal Time

It’s pretty common for pregnant couples to have blinkers on about what comes after the birth, especially first time parents. But I think once you’ve gone through that early newborn phase at least once you’d agree that having as much support on hand is a good idea!

Accessing postnatal support is not an extra.
It’s actually often a necessity.

Getting postnatal support means newborn babies and the whole newborn family are encouraged to bond and build a loving relationship together which ensures newborn babies thrive.

Whether it’s your first or fourth baby, it’s not normal to be struggling alone during this vulnerable time.

Why Would I Need a Postnatal Doula?


Stress is the reality for many new parents. 1 in 5 mothers are experiencing depression during their pregnancy or up to their baby turns two years old.[1]

45.5% of women giving birth in Australia are likely to report childbearing as traumatic.[2]

And suicide is one of the leading causes of maternal death for mothers in Australia.[3]

It’s clear that many women need and deserve better support during this transition. 

A postnatal doula can help bridge the gaps in your care by being there to help nourish and care for YOU, so you are better able to care for your new baby. 

It’s common sense. It’s simple. It’s ancient wisdom. And we’re reclaiming it and bring it back!



[1] Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2012. Experience of perinatal depression: data from the 2010 Australian National Infant Feeding Survey. Information Paper. Cat. no. PHE 161. Canberra: AIHW.

[2] Alcorn, K.L., O’Donovan, A., Patrick, J.C., Devilly, G.J., 2010. A prospective long- itudinal study of the prevalence of post-traumatic stress disorder resulting from childbirth events. Pyschological Medicine 40, 1849–1859.


As Your Postnatal Doula I Offer:

Home Visits: Available for you by phone or for home visits during the first few months of parenting;

Birth Debriefing: Counselling and support to work through your birth experience, at your own pace;

New Mother Self Care: Provided in your home, including seated or foot massage, using postnatal aromatherapy oils, and serving postnatal tea;

Newborn Support: In-home assistance with breastfeeding, newborn settling and sleeping;

Nourishing Food: Traditional postpartum meals made for you, including “lactation” cookies (which are pretty much just delicious for anytime in life!); and

Pampering and Ceremony: Traditional ‘closing’ ceremony to help you feel more grounded in your body and to assist in physical and emotional healing.

Postnatal Doula Fees

FREE 30 min consultation to discuss your needs before booking in.

$250 per support session in your home (approx 3 hours), or book 3 home visiting sessions for $700.

Servicing families in Greater Brisbane. Travel fees apply for home visits outside of Brisbane please enquire.

Sessions can include a nutritious meal/s and lactation cookies for the new mother; nurturing massage; and herbal tea.

Postnatal doula services are currently offered on Mondays or Weekends during business hours (Thursday or Friday appointments may be arranged where possible).

Payment via EFT or credit card. Payment plans can be arranged.

“Anne is truly a gifted person in offering support, understanding and acceptance. I know she will continue to be of great benefit to many women and we wish her well on her journey and studies. Anne was a blessing to us and we are very thankful xxx”

Karen, 2012, Mater Mothers Hospital, Brisbane