Feeling like mothering is intense /stressful /isolating? Are you interested in mindfulness, deeper connection with other mothers, and wanting to experience more joy?

Come and try these groups and women’s circles for pregnant women and mothers in Brisbane.

Birth Healing Circle

Are you looking for a safe, supported space to discuss your birth experience?

Do people keep telling you to stop worrying about your birth because you have a healthy baby?

Do you find that no one really gets it, or is actually listening to how you’re feeling?

This is a group for women who want to discuss their challenging or traumatic birth experience, in a way that will help them find new perspective and meaning. 

More details coming soon for a group starting mid 2019. 

Please register your interest below to find out more. 

Seasons of Mothering

This Brisbane mother’s group is about nourishing ourselves, not just our babies. It’s about taking care of ourselves. Showing up. Being present. Noticing what is arising for us during that day, that month cycle, that season.

“Anne is truly a gifted person in offering support, understanding and acceptance. I know she will continue to be of great benefit to many women and we wish her well on her journey and studies. Anne was a blessing to us and we are very thankful xxx”

Karen, 2012, Mater Mothers Hospital, Brisbane