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“Anne has truly found her calling… The births of my children, whilst very different in many ways, were both overwhelmingly positive experiences for me and my husband- The skilful and soulful support that Anne provided us during these times was an important part of this and will have a lasting impact on my life, and the lives of our children.”

Yasmin, 2015, Planned Homebirth, Brisbane

Doula Support

“Amazing doula! She was a doula to us for the growing and arrival of our twins. Could not have done it without her. Doula’s are magical people and Anne is an angel Earthside. My pregnancy, birth and entry to motherhood are forever enhanced by her expertise and deep well of caring.”

“She knew what I needed before I did and was able to lead my partner into doing that the next time. So much is unknown until your in the thick of it but I relied on her warmth and experience so much to get me through.”

“Anne is a phenomenal Doula! For young, old, informed and health literacy beginners she is a wonder. I am jealous Canberra has you. Come back!”

Helene, mama of twins, 2015, RBWH, Brisbane

Doula Support

“… Anne’s emotional support during the labour was wonderful – from the moment she arrived at the hospital, she brought a gentle, calming and honouring presence…”

Yasmin, 2012, RBWH, Brisbane

Doula Support

“Thank you Anne for your breath, presence and wisdom. Your support in our journey to meet our daughter will never be forgotten” 

Rachel, 2013, Birth Centre, RBWH

Doula Support

“…Anne, over the past two months you have helped me beyond words and I have my passion for life back…”

Young woman, 2011


“Anne is a very loving and warm person. She is very encouraging and positive and I’m very thankful to have had her with me during my labour”. 

Saranya, 2011, Wesley Hospital, Brisbane

Doula Support

What was the most helpful part of having a doula in your health care team? 

“The support for me and especially my husband. We would not have been able to stay at home for that long. Knowing someone with experience was present was good. Also simply knowing someone was there to help just the two of us… ANNE you are amazing and I’m looking forward to our next birth together!!”

Martina, 2013, Mater Mothers Hospital, Brisbane

Doula Support

What was it like having Anne support you at your birth?

“She was my rock. Anne was there without being obviously present. Her support was complete and gave me strength. I don’t know what I would have done without her! .. Anne, our doula … was instrumental in Lily’s birth being drug and intervention free and an amazing and positive experience. It’s lovely to continue our connection with this wonderful woman and have her in our lives. Xo” 

Georgina, 2015, Birth Centre, RBWH, Brisbane

Doula Support

“Anne is truly a gifted person in offering support, understanding and acceptance.
I know she will continue to be of great benefit to many women and we wish her well on her journey and studies. Anne was a blessing to us and we are very thankful xxx”

Karen, 2012, Mater Mothers Hospital, Brisbane

Doula Support

“If we were to have another bub I would want you there again, you made the experience so much better. I was so calm… and I felt empowered, like I can do this. And I did do it the way I planned and it was amazing.”

Jasmine, 2015, Sunshine Coast

Doula Support

“I appreciated that Anne’s approach came from many different perspectives and she respected my and my partner’s opinions and ideas.”

Melanie, 2013, Mater Mothers Hospital, Brisbane

Prenatal Support + Childbirth Education

“Insightful, sensitive, clever doula… Anne is very much in touch with women…”

Aurelie, 2012, Mater Mothers Hospital, Brisbane

Doula Support