Perinatal Counselling

Would you like to debrief your birth with someone who understands, and doesn’t tell you ” at least your baby is healthy”? In need of some professional counselling to support you  to make sense of a challenging or traumatic birth experience? I also provide counselling for mothers experiencing prenatal or postnatal depression and anxiety, or for Brisbane mums just feeling overwhelmed during the perinatal time.  

Prenatal Doula
(Childbirth Education)

 As a doula with a professional background in social work and counselling, I help pregnant women and new mothers in Brisbane feel more confident, supported, and less stressed about this big journey of welcoming a new baby.

Postnatal Doula

 As a postnatal doula I help nurture new parents to feel confident and connected to their baby and their intuition. For new mothers in Brisbane I offer nourishing postpartum meals, brief massage, breastfeeding support and newborn settling.

Birth Doula

I work mainly with Brisbane mothers and families during the pregnancy and postnatal time and currently am only attending  a small number of births in 2019. Please get in touch to talk more if you’re interested in birth doula support.


Your Words

“She was my rock. Anne was there without being obviously present. Her support was complete and gave me strength. I don’t know what I would have done without her!

Anne, our doula … was instrumental in Lily’s birth being drug and intervention free and an amazing and positive experience. It’s lovely to continue our connection with this wonderful woman and have her in our lives. Xo”

Georgina Hooper

2015, RBWH Birth Centre

Belly Henna or Art

Want to celebrate and honour your blooming belly?

Belly henna or painting is a beautiful, simple way of celebrating how amazing your body is for undergoing this epic transformation.

Not in Brisbane? Prenatal or Postnatal Skype sessions available

Mother Blessings

Want to honour your transition to motherhood with a nurturing celebration with your closest women folk?

I can help you create a beautiful, simple, heartfelt gathering during your pregnancy so you enter this next phase feeling as loved and nurtured as you deserve.