Feeling overwhelmed during your pregnancy or postpartum? Want to feel less stressed or anxious?

It's possible to start feeling more relaxed about your birth or caring for your new bundle of joy

Why do pregnant women & new mothers need support?

Stress is the sad reality for many new parents. 1 in 5 mothers are experiencing depression during their pregnancy or up to their baby turns two years old.[1] Another frightening fact is that suicide is one of the leading causes of maternal death for mothers in Australia.[3]

Many cite research which states 1 in 3 women experience their birth as traumatic. However some studies suggest that up to 45.5% of women giving birth in Australia are likely to report childbearing as traumatic.[2] This is NOT because birth itself is traumtic! This is because there is a lot about maternity care and how we care for mothers, babies and parents that needs to change.

There are so many gaps in the maternal care systems. The holistic mental health and well-being of many mothers is suffering. This affects relationships, children and whole communities.

It doesn't need to be this way! You deserve support too. 

Heart-Centred, Holistic Counselling For Women & Mothers

Reaching out for support and sharing your story can be a vulnerable process. When we take steps to take care of ourselves, our children, family and community can benefit from our healing. My belief is that women are the experts in their own lives, and that moving through challenges works best when we feel safe, non-judged, and deeply listened to. When we take the big step of reaching out for support, we want to meet with someone who “gets it” and will approach us as a whole person, not just a set of symptoms.

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Pregnancy & Postnatal Counselling

Counselling sessions are aimed at supporting you ‘wherever you’re at’ with your current pregnancy or mothering journey.

You might be feeling:

  • Anxious, sad, worried or fearful;
  • Trying to make sense of a challenging, difficult or traumatic birth experience;
  • Stressed, overwhelmed, tired, like you’re not coping with day to day living;
  • Finding it hard to adjust to mothering, or have little family support;
  • Struggling in your relationship with your partner/husband;
  • Finding it difficult to connect and bond with your baby;
  • Experiencing fertility issues, IVF or pregnancy loss; 
  • Thinking about all your options regarding your pregnancy, including continuing the pregnancy, termination or adoption. 

What to expect in a counselling session


  • Non-judgemental, warm, caring approach;
  • Working with you as whole person;
  • Respect for your confidentiality and privacy;
  • Support to access resources in the community; and
  • Support to build your own coping skills and solutions.


I offer a 15 min phone consultation to discuss support options at no cost.

Counselling sessions are $190 for 75 minutes. 

IN-PERSON on Fridays at It Takes A Village Midwifery Centre, Kenmore, Brisbane.

PHONE or VIDEO sessions available Fridays or Saturdays.

SLIDING SCALE - Reduced fee option for those with financial barriers and/or BIPOC are welcome to ask about this option. Phone or video sessions only.

BULK BILLED - Please check for availabilites and eligibility. Phone and video sessions only.

MEDICARE rebates may apply if you're currently pregnant or have been pregnant in the past year (or your partner has). Please download this form and take to your GP to discuss this option.

Hi there, I'm Anne!

Thanks for stopping by my little virtual space, Earth & Womb. This is where I share my services and other offerings that support women’s holistic health and healing, especially during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal time.

I've had the privilege of working with women and folks for 15 years, for many during their pregnancy and early parenting transition.

I'm a newborn mother myself and my son's birth and the postpartum period has offered some of the deepest lessons about how important it is to be tenderly cared for when we are so vulnerable as new mothers. This is what my life’s work is about.

Are you looking for a space to feel more heard and healed?

Are you wanting to feel more joyful and free to live the life you want?

Please get in touch, you deserve support too.

In Solidarity,

I wish to pay my respect to the Turrbal and Jagera people, the First Peoples with an ongoing connection to the land I call home in Meanjin (Brisbane). Always was, Always will be Aboriginal Land.