What will we do during your pregnancy?

  • Continuity of Care: we’ll build a relationship and I will be available for you;
  • Labour and Birth Education: What you really need to know, and practical things both parents can do to help the process;
  • Support for Dads: childbirth education taught from a dad’s perspective. Practical ways to support and address any concerns;
  • Birth Planning: we’ll go through your options and and I’ll support you with your choices;
  • Pain Coping Practices: Evidence based practices including breath work, visualisation, and relaxation techniques you can use to help cope with pain and intensity during birth and life;
  • Preparing for the unexpected: Preparing for the different possibilities and how to give birth with love and awareness, regardless of the how the birth happens (with or without medical intervention);
  • Ritual and Ceremony: Support with Blessing Ways/Baby Showers ceremonies, and art creation (belly painting, henna painting, or belly casting);
  • Physical Preparation: Teaching gentle and safe techniques to prepare the pelvic space to give birth with greater ease, and to support optimal fetal positioning; and
  • Self-Care and Early Parenting Survival: Feeding and settling a newborn, exploring the roles of each parent, and making a postnatal plan.



What to expect during your labour & birth?

  • On Call from two weeks before your estimated due date (EDD);
  • Labour Support: meeting you at home in labour, and guidance around when to go to hospital;
  • Continuous Emotional Support: helping both parents to feel as relaxed and safe as possible;
  • Practical Support: massage and acupressure for pain coping, applying heat packs, aromatherapy for relaxation and pain relief, bodywork techniques to help make space for baby, support with making informed choices, support if unexpected events happen;
  • Photography: high quality photographs to capture your family’s birth journey;
  • Back-up Doula Arrangements: in case of emergency or illness, or very long labour.


Helping you enjoy your first weeks with your baby

  • Birth Debriefing: counselling and support regarding your birth experience;
  • New Mother Self Care: provided in your home, including seated or foot massage, using postnatal aromatherapy oils, and serving postnatal tea blend;
  • Newborn Support: In-home assistance with breastfeeding, newborn settling and sleeping;
  • Transitioning to Parenthood Support: food preparation and other practical assistance as required;
  • Pampering and Ceremony: belly wrapping and traditional ‘closing’ ceremony to nurture new mothers and assist in physical and emotional healing.


Let’s talk about how we can make this transition a joyful one for your family. 

Get in touch for more information about Doula Packages.

Womb Blessings,

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