Seasons of Mothering

A women’s circle for Brisbane mothers interested in mindfulness and seasonal living. A mothers group for women interested in self reflection and building a village of solidarity, rather then judgment and competitiveness.

Are you having a baby in Brisbane?

Or a Brisbane mum with a small babe?

*This is a child friendly women’s circle, but all women are welcome, pregnant women, women who are not mothers, and mothers with older children at school are also welcome, as long as you’re ok to go with the flow of the babes.*

An inclusive space for all mothers- regardless of parenting choices or feeding choices.

This is a newly forming group for women and mothers who want a space to build authentic relationships where you can feel safe to share what is arising in the moment/on the day/in general and where vulnerability is welcomed.

For women interested in mindfulness, seasonal and cyclical living, looking to share in self reflective processes, and looking to build a sense of sisterhood and solidarity rather then judgment and competitiveness. A space for mothers to fill their cup of connection and to feel heard – all while still going with the flow of caring for our babies.

The circle will start with a brief meditation followed by a sharing circle where each woman can reflect on a self reflection prompt for the week.

Then cake and snacks!

You can bring a snack to share or not- whatever feels manageable for you. I’ll bring a cake.

This is a community minded sharing circle, where participants hold the space for each other and offer a much needed container for each of us to be heard and witnessed without anyone trying to “fix” us.

Why have a baby friendly women’s circle?

As a newborn mother to my now 15-month-old son I am feeling the longing for the deep nourishment that comes from gathering with other women and sharing stories in a way that is real, authentic and moves beyond the mundane.

Honestly most women’s circles aren’t very baby friendly. Yet having a space to share authentically is what we mamas need more than ever! When the days are long and our minds can be going wild with self-doubt, social isolation and generally feeling frazzled.

Seasons of Mothering is different to other mother’s groups in Brisbane where the focus can be mostly on the baby, sleep, feeding, settling etc. Sharing these tips and stories is so useful! But it doesn’t always leave you feeling that oxytocin high that comes from meaningful, heart open conversations, and being deeply listened to.

And whilst I love mother’s groups, they can tend to stay at the superficial level and not everyone can feel safe to share or be vulnerable. Sharing our stories and ‘where we’re at’ that day can be really vulnerable, and being vulnerable together is hard to do unless the space feels safe for that. 

My hope is to co-create a space that is safe for mothers, so we can leave the gathering feeling more nourished, joyful and inspired to continue doing our thing. 


What is Seasons of Mothering?

This Brisbane mother’s group is about nourishing ourselves, not just our babies. It’s about taking care of ourselves. Showing up. Being present. Noticing what is arising for us during that day, that month cycle, that season.

I facilitate this circle in a loose, organic way whilst also being responsive to my babe. This is the only I can show up right now and share these practices that I have learnt and that have been so life changing for me. And instead of being worried about how this won’t be the same as other women’s circles I’ve held, I’m going to embrace it. Because I love the philosophy of my school (The School of Shamanic Womancraft) where babies are recognized as VIPs in the women’s circles. What an incredible imprint for the babies to grow up witnessing their mamas being authentic and taking care of themselves.

I facilitate and hold the space for us (whilst tending to my boy), and would like to share simple practices that are nourishing, whilst sitting in nature with other mothers and babies.

My hope is that we leave the circle feeling renewed, reconnected with ourselves, held by the women around us, and with our cup a little more filled.


A women’s circle in Brisbane for women and mothers with young babies (birth-toddler). If you have an older child that you feel can be kept engaged, and where it’s appropriate to bring them, then I’m open to experimenting to see what works.


Circles will be held each fortnight on Thursdays. Open to meeting each week if women are interested too. Sign up to the newsletter for 2019 dates coming soon. 

COST: By donation. Bookings Essential. 

WHAT TO BRING: We want to make a cosy space so picnic rugs, food to share if you want, snacks and toys for your baby, sun protection etc.

Want to book in or have questions?

Get in touch I look forward to connecting with you.

Love + Solidarity,

“Anne is truly a gifted person in offering support, understanding and acceptance. I know she will continue to be of great benefit to many women and we wish her well on her journey and studies. Anne was a blessing to us and we are very thankful xxx”

Karen, 2012, Mater Mothers Hospital, Brisbane