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The approach I use to support parents during their transition to parenthood is grounded in the Birthing From Within philosophy. The Birthing From Within approach to childbirth preparation is based on the popular book of the same name written by Pam England.

Birthing From Within is much more than a type of childbirth class, it is a philosophy that considers birth to be a profoundly sacred event worthy of our attention and preparation. 

Regardless of whether birth happens at hospital or at home, with medical assistance or naturally, with wild movements and yelling or in a state of deep relaxation, every woman is capable of giving birth from within.

“Birthing from within” is the process of doing what needs to be done, at each step of the birth journey. It is not about “getting it right” and giving birth one particular way. This philosophy honours a woman’s ability to listen within and follow her instincts- as well as real, practical ways of cultivating this ability during her pregnancy.

It is not enough to say ‘everything she knows is already inside her’. In many ways this is unfair on women considering all the complex barriers there are to natural birth in our culture, and it puts unnecessary pressure on women to feel like they should know everything about birth before they have made the journey, or as they are becoming a mother again. 

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My role is to help parents prepare for their birth compassionately and realistically for facing what can be a very challenging life transition. My passion is to help newborn mothers and fathers to meet this challenge with an abundance of confidence and self love.


Birthing From Within is focused on cultivating Three Kinds of Knowing– Ancient knowledge, Modern Knowledge and Knowledge of Thyself. Modern parents need to develop all three kinds of knowing to navigate this often-challenging journey to becoming parents. Cultivating inner knowledge is vital in order to face the many unknown and uncontrollable aspects of birth and parenting.


I support parents to cope with pain, intensity, and the unknown so they can meet their labour, birth and early parenting time with courage. In this way parents can take heart-felt action, and do what needs to be done next, instead of being frozen with fear.


Why Choose Birthing From Within Classes?

Birthing From Within values non-attachment to any specific birthing outcome or process. Instead the aim is to give birth with self-love, awareness, and courage by doing whatever is needed in each moment. The focus of Birthing From Within is about realistic and compassionate preparation for birth and parenting, acknowledging that sometimes unexpected events happen despite what you had hoped for in your birth plan.

Being guided by your inner world and listening within about what you need to do each step of the way means there is no need to ‘get it right’ in your birth. The emphasis is on releasing the need to compare or judge yourself about whether you are birthing ‘right’ or not. This gives mothers and fathers freedom to get on with the hard and rewarding work of labour, birth and parenting in the way they need to.

Partners and dads are undergoing their own transformation, and need loving support and guidance themselves. Because of this it is unhelpful to expect all dads to step into a role of being a ‘labour coach’. Instead dads can be supported to understand how to support their birthing partner to cope with pain and intensity and to respond by listening within as well and doing what’s needed in each moment.

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“What impresses me about Anne’s class is the diversity of information offered and how it was delivered. I appreciated that Anne’s approach came from many different perspectives and she respected my and my partner’s opinions and ideas.” – Melanie, first time mum, 2013.


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