My collection of thoughts about topics including postpartum holistic healing; holistic preparation for childbirth; the wisdom of women’s circles; village building for new mothers; birth trauma healing; perinatal mental wellness; perinatal anxiety and depression; art making as healing; mindfulness; seasonal and cyclical living; ceremony and ritual; womb healing practices; traditional women’s folk medicine; and ancestral connection and reverence… and more!


Placenta Remedies: 3 Ways to Use Your Placenta Without Eating It

Much attention has been given lately to placenta encapsulation and consuming placentas through smoothies. These practices have been said to help with the postnatal transition. When I was planning for my son’s birth I didn’t feel interested in encapsulation. I knew I...

An Autumn harvest full moon blessing

"Shine This is your time You are glowing under the moon You are shining near the fire You will arise Each morning Moving yourself up To the highlands Of your own heart Keep going You delisciously sweet framework Of brains and bones Your existence is a miracle…" - Kim...

What is Womancrafting?

I study with the School of Shamanic Womancraft, and this is a wonderful explanation of what that's all about! From the website, What is Shamanic Womancraft. Shamanic Womancraft is the art of facilitating transformation. The School of Shamanic Womancraft creates the...

Vagina Steaming for womb well-being & fertility

I’m always speaking with pregnant women and new mums about the importance of self care. Taking the time to care and nourish our bodies through times of stress and busyness is a challenge most of us know well. One practice that I return to when I’m feeling tired,...

Why Have a Doula at Your Birth?

I just love when science 'discovers' through research what women have been saying forever. What we know actually works for most women in labour and birth is being supported throughout the experience, not to feel alone, abandoned, or more vulnerable then is needed....

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