Reaching out for support and sharing your story is a vulnerable process for most of us.

When we take steps to take care of ourselves, our children, family and community can benefit from our healing. My belief is that women are the experts in their own lives, and that moving through challenges works best when we feel safe, non-judged, and deeply listened to.

My approach to counselling is based on ‘best practice’ modalities and includes:

  • Mindfulness approaches, including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT); 
  • Creative, multi-sensory processes to facilitate new ways of approaching a problem (including drawing and learning visualisations);
  • Solution-focused approaches;
  • Narrative therapeutic approaches; and
  • Feminist and anti-oppressive approaches. 

Pregnancy Counselling 

Counselling sessions are aimed at supporting you ‘wherever you’re at’ with your current pregnancy. This can include:

  • Feeling anxious, worried or fearful about your labour and birth;
  • Making sense of and healing previous challenging or traumatic pregnancy, birth or motherhood experiences;
  • Fertility issues and IVF; 
  • Exploring any concerns regarding which models of care is best for you;
  • Discussing all of your options regarding your pregnancy, including continuing the pregnancy, termination or adoption; and
  • Any other issues or challenges you’re experiencing whilst pregnant.

Counselling for new mothers

Becoming a mother is often a massive adjustment. Counselling sessions can focus on supporting you with many challenges including:

  • Difficult or traumatic birth experiences;
  • Postnatal depression, anxiety or body image issues;
  • Adjusting to your new role as a mother;
  • Relationship changes and challenges; and
  • Bonding with your baby.

Counselling sessions are most supportive when child minding can be arranged, however arrangements can be made if this isn’t possible.

Counselling when a pregnancy doesn’t continue

Counselling sessions can provide support to integrate and process loss, grief, and relationship issues related to:

  • Miscarriage or stillbirth; and
  • Pregnancy termination.

What to expect

  • Non-judgemental approach;
  • Respect for your confidentiality and privacy;
  • Support to access resources in the community; and
  • Support to build your own coping skills and solutions.

Fees & Medicare Rebates

As an Accredited Social Worker with the Australian Association of Social Workers I offer Medicare rebates for eligible women.

Counselling sessions are $200 (Medicare rebate is $62.20 for eligible women) for 1.5 hours and are offered in your home. Greater Canberra, ACT and Queanbeyan NSW areas are covered. 

Under the ‘Non-Directive Pregnancy Counselling’ scheme you may be eligible for 3 sessions of counselling if you are pregnant or have been pregnant in the past 12 months. Speak to your GP about a referral for ‘Non-Directive Pregnancy Counselling’ to claim the Medicare rebate of $62.20.

If you have affordability concerns please contact me to discuss a reduced fee.

How to make an appointment?

Please contact me below to make an appointment. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.