Pregnancy Women’s Circle

Celebrate your journey of pregnancy with love and sisterhood in this one day retreat. Connect with your feminine essence, your baby, and other women as we create a space for you to relax, soften, and let go to prepare for your birth.

This women’s circle is born out of our deep longing to reconnect with ourselves, and with other women, in a space that honours our sacred and cyclical nature. We believe that during pregnancy the need for loving connection, celebration and community is even more vital.



What to expect:

The idea of a “women’s circle” is timeless. Women have always gathered, especially during rites of passage like first menstruation and birthing. Unfortunately in our modern lives it seems normal for us to feel overwhelmed, tired, and disconnected from our physical body, from our own inner voice and from each other. Pregnancy is often a time of emotional, physical and spiritual upheaval, making it the perfect time to hear the call to nurture yourself in deeper, more nourishing ways.


In this women’s circle you can:

  • Connect with other women in a non-judgmental, nurturing space;
  • Celebrate and honour your pregnancy, birth and becoming a mother as a rite of passage. Whether this is your first pregnancy or you’re already a mother, each birth and baby are unique.
  • Experience movement and dance to gently stretch and soften. Helping with baby’s position and to bring awareness to your pelvis;
  • Create your own Birth Vision Mandala, a meditative and relaxing ritual;
  • Explore ancient myths and storytelling, and how they offer a map for navigating modern birthing in our culture;
  • Experience nurturing massage and touch to help with releasing, relaxing and letting go.

“We call down grace, and gaze without wavering into the fires of creation. We find the place where love embraces fear, and tears taste like faith. We let our radiance be revealed in laughter and in longing. We hold the whole of life, sweet grapes and bitter, healing herbs. We hold until we overflow and offer back the gifts that we’ve received. The vessel never empties. The glowing love between us keeps it filled.” ~Danna Faulds



If you feel called to discover your own inner wisdom to guide you through your journey of pregnancy and birth to motherhood, then this circle is for you.


If you’re interested in joining a women’s circle in Canberra, please contact me below.
There is a place in the circle waiting for you!