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anne-maya-dipavali-2013Are you pregnant in Canberra?

If you are considering holistic support during your pregnancy and birth then you’ve discovered the right place.

I work with pregnant women and families who know enough about birth to know they don’t want to feel unsupported and scared during this life-changing transition.

If you are worried about some aspect of your birth or becoming a mum, and you’re looking for a doula that can offer you thoughtful, professional and nurturing support to help you feel more relaxed and confident, then let’s talk more!

I am passionate about women having support and choice during childbirth, one of the most heart opening and vulnerable experiences in a woman’s life. The raw, primal power and extreme tenderness that is cultivated during birth has never left me since I first witnessed it.

In our culture women’s bodies are a political battleground and birth is often deeply feared and constructed only as a medical event that impacts just one day in your life. However women and mothers are saying loud and clear that birth does matter. And how a mother feels during this time has far reaching impacts on her and her baby’s life, and the life of the whole family.

I have found my calling in serving women throughout the sacred and often challenging transition of pregnancy, birth and becoming a mother.

“Peace on earth begins with birth” – Jeannine Parvati Baker

Pregnancy, Birth, & Postnatal Support


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Womb Wisdom


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Honouring the Sacred Cycles


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